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Our goal is company transparency - ensuring you know exactly who you're dealing with.

Over a million people visit each month to carry out due diligence, perform checks on customers and suppliers, research competitors, or just to watch their own company. is free to use, with unlimited company alerts, searches and information instantly available, including registration details, key financials and director records, all at no charge. Paid subscribers can also access current and historical credit scores and limits, county court judgments, detrimental data and more.

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We aim to be your sole resource for, by gathering company and director details from various sources , we give you all the company information you need in one, easy to use website.

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We're always working on ways to improve our products and services.

You can find graphed key financials for all companies including Cash at Bank, Net Worth, Current and Total Liabilities. We will continue to add more data including further financial analysis, director details and related companies.

Don't worry - we will always keep a free element to the website where basic information can be found, but our subscription service offers amazing value. For a small fee, users can gain unlimited access to credit scores and credit limits, full financial data, company director details, related companies and copies of the Annual Accounts. All for less than the equivalent of a daily newspaper. So what's stopping you? Sign up now